FrameForge Previz Studio 3 NOW AVAILABLE
Aug. 12, 2009 at 12:00am

Innoventive Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of of its groundbreaking previsualization software FrameForge Previz Studio version 3.  

FrameForge® Previz Studio 3
Redefining the Art of Preproduction.

This new version has been over two years in the making and improves on the previous version in every measurable way: faster, easier to use, more powerful, produces even more visually striking output.

It is being released in three versions:

  • The CORE Version which takes everything in Version 2.5 and adds a huge host of new features, including:
    • Real-Time Lighting and Shadows
    • Faster Rendering and Easier Object Manipulation
    • 12 New User Rendering Styles
    • Google® SketchUp® Object Importing
    • Completely redone Adult Actors with more clothing, hair and body morphs
    • Completely NEW Teenage Actors with all the attitude you'd expect
    • Even More Objects--now over 1100!
    • Improved Tweening up to 30 fps
    • Improved Shot Manager, Free Position Mode and much more!
  • The PRO Version which builds upon the CORE Version to add:
    • Physical Cameras, Grip and Lighting Equipment (all of which function like their real-world counterparts)
    • Multiple Light Sources
    • Automatic Sun Positioning based on geographical location, date & time of a shot
    • Camera Collision Checking (discover that the rear of your jib is going to hit a wall to get the shot you want during your prep, not once you get on set!)
    • Camera Equipment Reports will list all the camera equipment (dolly tracks, sticks, heads, lights, etc.) that you have on set
    • Drop in "ruler" measurement tapes which only show up in blueprint view
    • More movie export options
  • The STEREO 3D Version which builds upon the PRO version to add:
    • Fully Customizable Stereo Rigs
    • On-Screen Viewing in Stereographic 3D using Anaglyph on any monitor and most passive and active polarized display technologies
    • Full Control over Interaxial and either Angulation (Convergence) or Planned Post Production Image Shift
    • On-Screen & printed display of Screen Plane and Far Distance Line in Blueprint View
    • Out of Range Positive Parallax Offset Warnings based on whatever target screen size you choose, from as small as an iPod® all the way up to an IMAX®
Faster & Easier
  • New GPU Rendering Pipeline makes the program run even faster than previous versions (on OpenGL Hardware Accelerated Graphics Cards), and its dynamic display drop-out keeps it running at top speed while you're manipulating objects, then automatically brings it back to best display when you're done.
  • New Multi-Function, Context-Sensitive Control Orbs make working with objects on the set absolutely drop-dead easy.   These Control Orbs appear whenever you select an object, Actor, Lighting Fixture or Camera (Physical Cameras & Lighting Fixtures in Pro & Stereographic 3D Versions Only), and they give you full control over all object specific functions right at your fingertips.
    • Click & Drag an orb to use that function on the selected object
    • Right+Click (Control+Click on the Mac) to RESET that function for the selected Object
    • Single+Click to pop-up a dialog where you can set that function by entering a specific numeric value

control_orbs.jpg (133714 bytes)

 Sky Dome, Infinite Floor and Sun Position with Shadows

  • Textural Sky Dome brings your exteriors to life like never before.  Switch from a sunny blue sky to a dark and stormy night just by changing the sky texture.
  • Infinite Floor allows you to place your exteriors in a wide open space that extends to the far horizon.
  • Full Control Over Sun Position with Shadows position the sun exactly where you want it in the sky, and exactly control the length, direction and intensity of shadows, bringing a new sense of depth to the image;  Control the sun's color, brightness, angle and height over the horizon with easy-to-use controls.

Core Version Lighting

The above image was generated in the Core Version of FrameForge Previz Studio 3

Powerful Real-Time Lighting
(multiple light sources and automatic sun position in PRO and STEREO Versions ONLY)

  • Multiple-source lighting using SmartLights™ that can be pointed at any object with a simple click of the mouse
  • Multiple-source Overlapping Shadows instantly add depth and realism to any image, and they happen real-time as you work.
  • Automatic Sun Position based on location/date/time of shoot (includes daylights saving time and it reports on-screen sunrise/sunset and midday)
  • Innovative Lighting Mixer puts all your lighting controls on one place, allowing you to create your core lighting plan by setting and tweaking individual lighting instruments (brightness, color, shadow intensity, etc.) or just set the tone and time/place with a few broad strokes.

 Helicopter Rescue

The above image was generated in the Pro Version of FrameForge Previz Studio 3

More Actors, More Options

More & Better Actors

  • 32 Men & Women in four ethnicities, all of whom can be aged between 20-60 years old
  • 32 All New Teenagers in four ethnicities, with all the attitude you'd expect
  • 18 Hairstyles now with more realistic textures in 10 hair colors
  • New Fully Textured Clothing -- 6 types of footwear for men, 10 for women; 11 types of pants for men, 15 for women (including skirts), 11 types of shirts for men, 17 for women, and that doesn't even start to take into account the 7 jackets, and all the 27MB of different clothing textures and decals that can be layered on to give each character their own distinctive look
  • New Body Morphs include pregnant for Women and Teenage Girls (sad, but necessary) and buff for men in addition to busty for women/teenage girls and fat for all.  The following is just a mere sample of one family's possibilities.


Animal Actors

  • Domestic Animals include 3 Cats, 2 Dogs, 8 Horses and a Sheep, all of which can be fully posed and are capable of facial expressions
  • Wild Animals include a Bear, male and female Deer and Elk and a wolf, all of which can be fully posed and are capable of facial expressions

More and Better Animation

Automatic Tweening allowed us to make the entire above "Casting" animation with only setting up and snapping 22 shots

  • Direct Export to QuickTime, AVI and SWF Movies/Animatics (All Versions) while the Pro and Stereo Versions also allow you to export at up to greater than full HD resolution at up to 30fps
  • Redesigned Shot Manager with collapsible shot list makes managing tweens and large sets of frames simple and efficient
  • Automatic Tweening can now be done choosing an fps and duration and the program will automatically calculate how many tweens you need and what their duration should be.

Google® SketchUp® File Importing

Opens up all of Google Warehouse to your use with FrameForge Previz Studio's Importing Wizard

  • Import as simple props will do just that, the entire sketchup file becomes a single FrameForge prop
  • Import as Dressed Set if the Sketchup File follows a few simple rules then FrameForge Previz Studio can open the file, convert all its components to separate objects, then AUTOMATICALLY reconstruct them into a FrameForge Previz Studio Set so you can move chairs and tables around, just as if you'd built it originally in FrameForge Previz Studio
  • Import as Fixed Set allows you to bring in a complicated set as a specially non-colliding object so that you can move actors in and around it without the program trying to jump them on top of the set
  • Correctly Imports All Colors/Textures and Transparencies for both sides of every object while creating the most efficient object possible by sharing identical textures across object parts.
  • Respects Billboard Flag -- you can create objects in SketchUp that always face the camera and they'll behave the same in FrameForge Previz Studio
  • Directly Import .SKP files which you can produce in either the Pro OR Free version of Google SketchUp

User Rendering Styles

  • There are now 12 additional Rendering Styles
  • which give you even more control over your final output, and the User Render Style Designer allows you to create and share a virtually unlimited number of new ones.   The following is a sample of the new rendering options that come with the program, though you can always tweak most of these in addition to creating new ones using the User Render Style Designer, accessed through the VIEW Menu->User Rendering Style->User Render Style Designer...


Physical Cameras and Associated Equipment (Pro & Stereographic 3D Versions Only)
While FrameForge's cameras have always been optically accurate, they're now physically Accurate too!  Choose the equipment you'll be using on set in FrameForge Previz Studio and you'll know how much track you need to rent, where you'll have problems with the jib arm swinging into a doorway and much much more.

Real-World Camera Equipment

  • Dolly Tracks that "know" how to snap together automatically
  • JL Fisher® Dollies, Cranes & Jibs that function exactly like their originals from their ability to follow dolly tracks to how far they'll crane or spin
  • Arriflex®, Panavision® & Red® Cameras modeled to scale (in addition to a number of "generic" cameras that can be swapped in for any camera you are using)
  • Geared, Fluid & Three Axis Remote Heads all of which function as their real-world counterparts do
  • Low Hats, High Hats, Baby & Standard tripods all sized to industry standards
  • Indy Equipment too!
  • Automatically be informed of Camera Collisions even if the colliding part is the back of a jib or crane.
  • Export Automatic Equipment Reports and get a sorted report of all the camera equipment on every set

stereo-features.jpg (257879 bytes)

Stereo Previsualization Capabilities (Stereographic Version Only)

In addition to everything above, the Stereographic 3D Version of FrameForge PrÄ“•viz Studio 3 takes its full feature set into the 3rd Dimension.  These additional stereo capabilities include:

  • Customizable virtual stereo rigs that can be matched to the capabilities and limitations of any stereo rig or camera.  These virtual rigs allow the filmmaker to work out their shot and depth planning in real-time stereo, helping them to identify and solve problems in the pre-production stage rather than on set.
  • Work in Real-Time Stereographic 3D anaglyph (on any monitor, including laptops), and most active and passive polarized display technologies including interlaced or checkerboarded source images, and quad-b uffered page flip
  • Prepare for any target screen size, from as small as an iPod all the way up to an IMAX Screen.
  • Full interaxial and convergence (or post-image shift) control allow you to prepare shoots regardless as to whether you're planning to shoot converged or parallel.
  • Optional Automatic keystone correction for convergent cameras
  • Instantly learn any object's distance, Parallax and Screen Offset simply by clicking on it, with automatic out-of-range warnings for positive parallax over 2.5" / 6,5 cm based on any target screen size
  • Enter a desired parallax and have your rig's interaxial, convergence or planned post-production image shift automatically adjusted to produce that parallax at a specific distance
  • Automatic Parallax Reports of all Visible Objects in any given shot, with out-of-range warnings for divergent positive screen offset
  • Generate stereo animation/animatics at up to nearly 3x greater than full HD resolution in a variety of formats, including anaglyph, left-right, top-bottom and individual screens
  • Generate printed storyboard output in anaglyph or 2D format with all camera information, including height, focal length, convergence, interaxial and angle of view in addition to an optional overhead set layout to clarify camera and lighting positions
  • Can Work in a Non-Stereo Mode to "rough out shots" and then go back and fine tune the stereo in a separate pass
  • One Key Toggle between stereo and non-stereo display or the Live View and Full-Screen Stereo View

Stereo Panel

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