Microfilmmaker Magazine gives FrameForge Previz Studio a Perfect 10!
Feb. 14, 2010 at 03:01am

Award of Superiority

Microfilmmaker Magazine recently reviewed FrameForge Previz Studio 3, gave it their coveted Award of Superiority and a rating of 10.0 in all categories that they measure -- Ease of Use, Depth of Options, Performance and Value vs. Cost.

 Perfect 10 Rating

When I sat down to review the new release of FrameForge 3D Studio (which has intelligently had a name-change to prevent confusion with Autodesk's product), two questions immediately came to my mind: Where did this come from? Why hadn't I heard of it before now? It's fantastic. Previz Studio 3 (PS3) lets filmmakers rapidly create sets with real-world filmmaker optics, equipment and limitations (if desired) plus a wide variety of premade props. It is incredibly easy to use, has so many cool, appropriate features for filmmakers that it's a Godsend, especially if you can't draw normal story boards.

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