The Pro Version of FrameForge Previz Studio starts with all the features of the Core...



And then adds the following amazing features:

Powerful Real-Time Multiple-Source Lighting
  • Multiple-source lighting using SmartLights™ that can be pointed at any object with a simple click of the mouse
  • Multiple-source Overlapping Shadows instantly add depth and realism to any image, and they happen real-time as you work.
  • Automatic Sun Position based on your selection of the geographical location, date & time of your shoot anywhere in the world. It automatically takes into account daylights saving time and also reports the sunrise, sunset and midday for that location on the date of your shoot.
  • Innovative Lighting Mixer puts all your lighting controls on one place, allowing you to create your basic lighting plan by setting and tweaking individual lighting instruments (brightness, color, shadow intensity, etc.) or just set the tone and time/place with a few broad strokes.

Physical Cameras and Associated Equipment

While FrameForge's cameras have always been optically accurate, they're now Physically Accurate too!   Choose the equipment you'll be using on set in FrameForge Previz Studio and you'll know how much track you need to rent, where you'll have problems with the jib arm swinging into a doorway and much much more.
  • Dolly Tracks that "know" how to snap together automatically with dollies that "know" how to automatically follow the tracks
  • JL Fisher® Dollies, Cranes, Jibs & Crossarms that function exactly like their originals from their ability to follow dolly tracks to how high they'll crane or how the jibs or cross-arms will spin
  • Arriflex®, Panavision® & Red® Cameras modeled to scale (in addition to a number of "generic" cameras that can be swapped in for any camera you are using)
  • Geared, Fluid & Three Axis Remote Heads all of which function as their real-world counterparts do
  • Low Hats, High Hats, Baby & Standard tripods all sized to industry standards
  • Indy Equipment too!
  • Automatically be informed of Camera Collisions even if the colliding part is the back of a jib or crane.
  • Export Automatic Equipment Reports and get a sorted list of all the camera equipment on every set
  • Specialized Control Orbs for easy manipulation of lighting and grip equipment

pro control orbs

Misc. Pro Features

  • More Animation/Animatics Exporting Options -- export at any size up to 3000 pixels high, nearly 3 x standard HD
  • Export Movies with Blueprint View synched on the left to show not only the shot, but how you plan to get it
  • Drop in Measure Tapes that optionally only show up in blueprint view to identify distances for DPs, Operators and Set Designers
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