Winner of the International 3D Society Technology Award

FrameForge Previz Studio 3, Stereo Edition

FrameForge Previz Studio 3, Stereo Edition was awarded a Lumiere Technology Award Statuette by the International 3D Society at their 4th Annual Creative Arts Awards, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The International 3D Society's Technology Awards honor technological achievement in the stereoscopic medium and are given to recognize individuals and organizations that have made a significant impact on the advancement of stereoscopic arts and technologies.

"The 3D Technology Awards Show celebrates the impact and innovation of the organizations and individuals whose advancements are leading this industry," said Jim Chabin, President of the International 3D Society. The organization is a professional community dedicated to advancing the arts and technologies of Stereoscopic 3D.

The Stereographic 3D Version of FrameForge Previz Studio takes the Pro Version into a new dimension...


With all the features of the Pro Version, the Stereographic 3D Version of the FrameForge software adds all the features you need to previsualize your next Stereoscopic 3D shoot, or even simply to better understand and explore the considerations, impact and effect of adding the stereoscopic third dimension to your filmmaking toolkit.

FrameForge Previz Studio, Stereo Edition is "worth its weight in gold in informing you where to put your cameras, how the shot's going to look, previewing the stereo and also in addition to that it's got a whole library of objects and characters and props so that you can build your scene as well very easily."
Julian Napier, director of the London Eye's 4D Experience, in a review published in High Definition Magazine

3D Wolves

Powerful Real-Time Stereographic Tools
  • Work On-Screen in Real-Time Stereographic 3D using passive or active polarized glasses using most stereographic display technology including checkerboard, side by side, horizontal interlaced, page flipped (on compatible graphics cards) in addition to anaglyph glasses on any computer monitor (even laptops), and on printed output
  • Fully Customizable Beam-Splitter (Mirror) & Side-by-Side Rigs that can be set to exactly mimic the physial parameters of whatever equipment you're actually using
  • Shoot Converged or Parallel with Post-Production Offset and you can specify whether you want post-production offset reported as as a percentage or a pixel value based on any source resolution.  And when shooting converged, you can have the progarm calcuate additional edge parallax based on keystoning or work in a keystone corrected mode.
  • Target any Screen Size from as small as an iPod® all the way up to IMAX®
  • Blueprint Display Shows Screen (aka Convergence) Plane & Far Distance Lines, and dynamically updates them in real-time as your rig's interaxial, angulation or planned post image shift changes.
  • Realtime Multi-Rig Compositing allows you to set up two completely different rigs on a set and designate one as a foreground rig and the other as the background rig.  You can then adjust both rig's settings independently of each other and see the composited image as you work.
  • Innovative 3D Control Panel puts all your stereographic controls and information in one place, allowing you to control your stereographic depth with the same ease as you'd control any other facet of your filmmaking

3D Control Panel

Powerful Printing & Exporting
  • Can Print Anaglyph Storyboards for use on set by all of the crew, even if you're working in a polarized setup, and the printouts will include all the stereographic information from the rig's interaxial and angulation (or planned post-image shift) to the distance to the screen plane and the maximum far distance line beyond which visible objects will have divergent positive parallax.
  • Can Export Animatics & Animation in a Variety of 3D Formats including left/right, top/bottom, anaglyph and separate left right streams at up to full 1920 x 1080 HD Resolution
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