FrameForge Previz Studio Will Save You Time...

  • When you prep in an optically accurate 3D world that exactly mimics the camera you'll be using, you'll never again waste time on set trying to get that impossible shot that you simply can't do.
  • When you prep in a virtual 3D space that exactly matches the real space you'll be shooting in, you'll identify and solve potential problems during your prep work rather than on set.
  • When you prep your with FrameForge you will not only get a printed storyboard that you absolutely know you can shoot, but for each frame you also get an overhead blueprint view of the camera in relationship to the rest of the set, showing exactly what it will and won't see.  This is an invaluable tool for the cast and crew as not only do they now know what the shot is supposed to look like, they also know how you intend to get it.
We could go on and on, but we'd rather let our users speak for us.

It should go without saying that using FrameForge speeds the whole process up.

Not just because you know what you want, but also because you know what you don't want. 

Any director will tell you that what actually takes the most time is setting up that impossible shot that you really, really want, only to realize that it is actually impossible or that you are going about it completely the wrong way.  And any producer will tell you time is money!

Johannes Roberts, writer/Director
Forest of the Damned, When Evil Calls


FrameForge saved us so much time that my shoot finished ahead of schedule.

And that includes some reshoots I needed to do. It also allowed me to shoot more b-roll, which is always nice to have.

There are so many problems that FrameForge solved for me that it's difficult to pinpoint them all.

I shot on location at a bed and breakfast.  My film was a period piece, so accuracy was crucial.  The downside to this is that old houses are small and cramped. This meant that camera placement was tricky and somewhat limited. 

By choosing my camera and crafting the house to the exact dimension in FrameForge, it was easy to experiment and see what angles I could use.

More importantly, it showed me what angles and placement I couldn't use. Seeing this limitation solved countless guessing games and made creativity painless in my shot selection.

A pretty common question on set asked by the crew is "What's the frame?" In past shoots, I've had to describe it in words since no one can make sense of my poorly drawn storyboards but me. With my printed storyboards out of FrameForge , I gave a simple, time-saving answer: I pointed to my printed digital storyboard and said, "This is the frame." Crew members (including actors) immediately understood not only the frame, but what was happening within the frame.

The bottom line is that with regard to my small budget and time constraints, my film could not have been made without FrameForge.  

Luke Brown, Director
Antipater Productions

FrameForge 3D has been one of the most useful tools I've ever come across...

and many times over a lifesaver in our microbudget productions. From preproduction, to production, the amount of time spent has been cut significantly and has eliminated a lot of second guessing from transitioning from a 2D medium to a 3D world.

Paul C. Kalkhoff, filmmaker


FrameForge has actually made storyboarding useful.

 FrameForge has been such a huge help.

In the past, when I've storyboarded, I couldn't actually capture angles or real shots; they were such a distant concept while FrameForge allowed me to create real shots that I could actually shoot on set.

What I didn't expect was also how much FrameForge helps with blocking. Because everything is set up in a realistic location, I was able to relocate characters and props, and the time that saved me on set is

It lets me really plan effectively before I shoot.

I come in prepared and ready for filming. And the ease of moving the camera lets me not only set up the shots I had in mind, but actually find the best shot because I am realistically looking at the scene through a "real" camera.

FrameForge is amazing

What it gives you is a realistic way to plan out your shoot and prepare everything with such ease and speed.  It's truly a great product.

Rich Camp, Director


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