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Your first, best option for support is to go to our searchable Knowledgebase which is available 24/7 and has answers to all the most common issues with simple, easy-to-understand explanations and solutions.

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Searchable Manual

Every FrameForge Previz Program is supplied with a full, nearly 300 page manual in PDF form for easy searching.  To open the Full Manual do the following:

  1. Launch FrameForge Previz Studio if it's not currently running
  2. From within FrameForge Previz Studio, click the HELP menu
  3. Click the menu item and FULL PROGRAM MANUAL will be opened automatically
  4. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer then go to to get it.

Online Community Site

Like the knowledgebase, our online community site is a great resource for support, both directly from Innoventive Software and other users who may have run into and solved the same problems you're currently having.  It is an excellent resource not only for technical help but also new objects, sets, relationships poses, tips and tricks and generally keeping up with what's going on in the FrameForge word.

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Tips for Getting the Best Support

If you're still stumped after searching these other reasources, then you can contact our support department, but here are some very important tips to ensure that your support is as fast and helpful as you'd like.

You think you've found a bug or the program isn't working as you expect

  1. The VERY first thing our support staff will ask you is if you're running the very latest version as it may be something we've already fixed due to other people reporting it.  So before you contact us, make sure you are running the very latest version, even if you've just installed the program.

    From within the FrameForge Previz Studio 3 program go to the HELP menu, choose CHECK FOR PROGRAM Updates and if it offers you any then please have it download and install them.  If it tells you everything is up-to-date then you have the latest.  If it does update some files then please verify that the problem still exists before contacting us.
  2. Assuming it does still exist in the current version, see if you can figure out a "recipe" for how to reliably repeat the problem.  This is very important because our support staff will need to replicate your issue so they can either tell you, no, that's not how the program works, do it this way instead, or yes, that's a repeatable bug and we'll send it to our development team to fix.   

    You'd be amazed how many of our support email start with "it's not working right, what should I do?" to which we always have to respond, "in what WAY is it not working right?  What are you trying to do, how are you trying to do it, what operating system are you on, and how is the program behaving differently than you expect?"
  3. If it's only happening in one file you will also need to upload that file according to the instructions here and then send an email with the name of the file, the problem you're experiencing, the operating system you're using, and very specific instructions as to what to do with and look for in that file.

You are getting an Access Violation in atiogl.dll or nvoglnt.dll or some other dll with the letters "ogl" in it

  1. This is not a bug with FrameForge Previz Studio but is rather a bug with the driver for your graphics card'.  The "ogl" in that dll stands for "open graphics library" and is the 3D toolkit that your graphics card's driver supplies for FrameForge to interface with. The solution is to upgrade your graphics card's driver and more information about doing this found here .

You have an installation credit issue

  1. Make sure you include the name you registered the program under and include your serial number (found on the back of the printed Users Manual) in your email because we'll need it to help you.

You have some other problem or need help accomplishing something

  1. As always, be as specific as possible, giving us step-by-step instructions as to what you're doing, how you're trying to do it, e.g. I use the mouse to click on the Look At button and... or when I press Command+P it does...
  2. Give us as much information as you can about your system, tell us whether it's Mac or Windows and what flavor (XP, OS X 10.3, Windows 7, etc.), whether your graphics card is reported as underpowered, fully capable or somewhere in between--go to TOOLS -> RECHECK GRAPHICS CARD in FrameForge Previz Studio if you need to refresh your memory on this.

Assuming you've updated your program, identified your problem, gotten your serial number (if necessary), you're ready to e-mail or call 858.270.7515 or fax 858.270.2523.  Technical support hours are Monday through Friday 10am - 4pm PST, excluding national holidays and we'll try to get back to you within 24 hours, often much sooner.

 If you email us, remember to add to your address book or white list to ensure that our reply doesn't end up in your junk, spam or trash.

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