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My actor needs a Tattoo or a Scar, or some logo on a piece of clothing...

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Posted: 02 Jun, 2008
Updated: 08 Jun, 2008
by: Schafer K.

Question: I was wondering if it were possible to customize an actor with a tattoo or scar? If so how would I do this?

Answer: Not only is it possible, but it's relatively easy!

  1. Open your actor or object in the Green Room , click the Colors, Textures & State tab.
  2. Select the part onto which you want to apply the decal.
  3. Click Apply/Edit Decals Button and in the dialog that appears, click [Choose Decal].
  4. Select the image you want to apply as a Decal in the open dialog and click [OK].
  5. The decal is applied to the "base texture " image displayed in the Decal dialog. Drag the decal with your mouse, and then resizing buttons on the image and/or the Rotate Selected Decal slider to position the decal the way you want it.
  6. If desired, drag the tranparency slider to adjust the transparency of the decal.
  7. When satisfied, click Apply.
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