FrameForge Previz Studio 3.6 is available in three different editions, in order to support the needs and budgets of all filmmakers. ?All three Editions come with the same actors and props, and they all have the ability to mimic the exact optical properties of any non-Stereo camera package, and include user controlled general scene lighting and shadows.

However, to work with physical camera equipment such as dollies and cranes, and have the ability to place specific light sources on set, you do need either the Pro or Stereo Editions.

In order to storyboard/previs with Stereo Camera Rigs, of course, you need the Stereo 3D Edition.

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Core Edition
for the Indie Filmmaker
FrameForge Core Version Starting at $399
Pro Edition
Everything in the Core Editionplus Physical Cameras & Lighting Fixtures
FrameForge Pro Version Starting at $599
(most popular)
Stereo 3D Edition
Everything in the Pro Editionplus award-winning tools for S3D Filmmaking, including real-time multi-rig setups
FrameForge Stereo 3D Version Starting at $899
EDU Edition EDU Edition EDU Edition
Expansion Packs EDU Edition Expansion Packs
Starting at $99

Academic Pricing
Lower cost academic versions available for qualified students and teachers

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FrameForge Edition Comparison
Selected Features (the program does so much more) Core Pro Stereo 3D
Virtual Film Studio in which you can fully explore your vision as if you were on set or location
Optically Accurate Virtual Cameras which can match the capabilities of any camera and lens package, including focal primes
Over 1150 World-Ready™ Objects, all of which know how to interact with actors and each other
Data-Rich Storyboards that show not only what the shot is, but also supply all the camera information needed to get it
General Scene Lighting with shadows and manual control over sun position and scene/key light brightness
Visual Room Builder™ enables you to create sets simply by "drawing them"
Selected Features Core Pro Stereo 3D
Physical Camera Equipment such as dollies, tripods, tracks, jibs, cranes, etc. all of which function just like their real-world counterparts so you'll only prepare shots that you'll have the equipment to get  
Camera Collision Warnings: in addition to being able to see if your camera equipment will fit in any given place, FrameForge will automatically warn you of any collisions, such as the back of your jib swinging into a wall, or you trying to crane through a ceiling  
Multiple Camera Types on set: you can have multiple camera types on set at the same time, each with their own optical properties, prime sets, aspect ratios and so on...  
Can place multiple lights on set with individual control of each light's color, brightness, and angle of spread  
Fog/Air Transparency with full control over color, thickness and fog fall-off  
Auto-calculation of the Sun's Position based on the location of your shoot anywhere in the world, and your specified date & time  
Ground Glass, including a variety of preset ground glasses and a visual Ground Glass designer so you can create any ground glass and optionally print it out on the storyboard frames  
Equipment Reports, listing all of the physical camera equipment used to capture each shot, including number and length of dolly tracks  
Selected Features Core Pro Stereo 3D
3D Rigs - both mirror rigs and side-by-side rigs, all of which can be fully customized to match the exact ranges/functioning of your real rig    
Work Real-Time in Stereo 3D on virtually any projector or monitor. Supports anaglyph, side-by-side, checkerboard, interlaced, quad-buffered/page-flipped along with optional output to HD-SDI    
Real-Time Multi-Rig Setups where one rig supplies the background and another one supplies the foreground    
Auto-Rig Option which will set your rig parameters for you based on your allowable divergence, position of screen plane and distance to farthest object on set    
Can Target any Screen Size from a smart phone to the largest IMAX®, and everywhere in between    
Automatic Edge Violation warnings report any edge violations including where in the frame the violation is, and how much into negative space the cut-off object protrudes